Where can I go sea fishing while on my Holiday in Cornwall

Quite simply, anywhere you like! All of Newquay’s beaches are exposed to swells from the Atlantic Ocean and by night the beaches are the angler’s domain. Bass are the main quarry with Ray and flatfish also on the menu, seek out the beaches where rip tides can be found, beaches like Holywell Bay can all deliver their fare share of Bass and Rays to the visiting angler, by far the best bait is sand eel.
There are various day and half-day fishing excursions available from several operators down at Newquay harbour. Some of the fish you might catch are Pollack, Ling, Conger Eel, Squid, Bass, Mackerel, Gurnard, Wrasse or even Dogfish.
Shark fishing trips, whereby operators run a tag and release programme are also available.

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